Rating Methodology

Rating is given in combination of:
- our assessment algorithm that uses 7 different criteria on which each P2P lending platform can earn points and
- the rating the independent experts give to the P2P following our rating methodology suggestions. (Comming soon)

Rating is not permanent - we are monitoring the P2P lending platforms on daily basis. If none of the experts rated the P2P lending platform yet, only the assessment algorithm is used.

1. Assessment algorithm

In our assessment algorithm we divide evaluation on 5 different groups. An P2P lending platform can be evaluated multiple times in a day and the rating cannot be manually changed. All P2P lending platforms are rated under the same condition, by the same assessment algorithm. Hence, we consider this part of the rating the objective part.

It is up to P2P lending company teams, their activity, their self-initiative, and their responsiveness to our editor’s requests if their profile is up to date and has the potential to be well rated.

P2P information

Providing all necessary information is very important for potential investors.

Product presentation

Potential investors want to understand the P2P lending platform and know about platforms conditions.
In platform presentation we take a look into data about company, team, financial data and other details about P2P platform. We aren’t evaluating the content and its originality, but rather the availability of the information.

Marketing & Social Media

Reaching out to the potential investors and keeping an open communication with them is one of the most important keys of an P2P lending platforms.
We are monitoring activity on different social networks, which provides us a better outlook to how in touch the P2P lending platform team is with their potential investors. Even if the Peer to peer lending industry isn’t strongly connected to the audience on specific social network, it is important to be present everywhere, so that all types of investors can sign up.

2. Experts & Users (Comming Soon)

Final note

We are always improving our rating methodology by adding new criteria in our assessment algorithm. If you want to contribute, we invite you to join as an expert by sending application here.

As we mostly rely on our community, we still strongly suggest to conduct a detailed research before investing or consult with experts privately. We also suggest to regularly check the most popular (and proactive) discussion channels for P2P lending platforms.

It happens that sometimes P2P lending platform teams or potential investors don’t agree with the assigned rating. In this case, you should know that it is not in our power to just change it.
- If you are a part of P2P lending platform team, you should put more effort in your P2P lending platform presentation and transparency.

Last change was made on: 1th April 2019