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General questions

What is P2P Lending?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending enables individuals to obtain loans directly from other individuals, cutting out the financial institution as the middleman. Websites that facilitate peer-to-peer lending have greatly increased its adoption as an alternative method of financing.

How do I start lending?

Upon registration on any platform your account verification process starts, after that, you can browse for your potential borrowers.

Who are the Borrowers?

At P2P lending you lend directly to real people and real businesses, not in abstract financial paper products. Borrowers apply for loans for constructive purposes, such as growing their business, getting their finances into a better shape, education and health.

How do you manage risk?

Defaults is a part of a reality in lending activities as there are always risks that borrowers cannot repay their loans. We advise that lenders read the information about risk management and other assessment so that they thoroughly understand the risks associated with lending their money.

What is ROI?

ROI stands for "return on investment". It is a ratio used to measure the investment profitability or compare the efficiencies of several different projects. P2Pbench provides an online P2P ROI calculator. You can use it to calculate estimated returns. You can also use P2P Borrow calculator for estimating the cost of loans.


What is P2Pbench?

P2Pbench is a free P2P lednding rating platform and a P2P lending community.

What is a rating?

A rating is a result of analytical assessment. It is not an investment advice and is meant to be used for your informational purposes only. Rating is based on 10 points scale, ranging from 1 to 10 - where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest rating. The P2Pbench's rating system is it consists of:

  • calculated using the combination of objective financial data of P2P platforms
  • and subjective experts rating (comming soon)

Read more about P2Pbench's rating methodology.

How can I update my P2P profile? (comming soon)

How can we publish our agency on your list of agencies?

You can reach us through the contact form and tell us more about your agency. We will come back to you after we add your agency to the list.

Does P2Pbench offer an API for developers? (comming soon)

What does the button "Apply as an advisor" on P2P profile means? (comming soon)

What are P2Pbench community rules?

It is immensely important for us to maintain a healthy an welcoming environment within our community. Every P2Pbench user (including advisors, experts and bloggers) has to comply with the following rules:

  • We do not allow comments that glorify, celebrate, downplay, or trivialize violence, suffering, abuse, or deaths of individuals or groups. This includes the use of scientific or pseudoscientific claims to pathologize, dehumanize, or disempower others.
  • We do not allow calls for intolerance, exclusion, or segregation based on protected characteristics.
  • We do not allow glorification of groups which do any of the above.

Be sure to report any cases of violation of those rules to info@p2pbench.com so that we could take appropriate measures.

P2P lending listing

How can I publish a new P2P lending site?

It's as easy as ABC:

  1. Follow the link and write down your P2P lending site.
  2. No fee is applied. Contact us about platform and our editors will send you the form
  3. Fill in with accurate data and submit the form.
  4. Our editors will contact you when your project is published with possible updates and suggestions on improvement of your P2P profile.

How long does it take for an P2P platform to get published?

Usually it takes from 3 to 4 days for your P2P platform to get published. Sometimes the waiting line is longer and the other times it is shorter.

Where to report changes for P2P platforms?

If you have any updates for specific P2P platform, you can reach out to us via the contact form.

How can remove my P2P platform from P2Pbench?

Since P2Pbench is a rating platform with information on past, present and future P2Ps we don't remove P2Ps platforms after they have been published. Removing an P2P platform is possible only in case of rare exceptions.

Having a bad rating is not a reason to remove an P2P platform.


How is the P2Pbench rating determined?

We follow a rating methodology. Rating is based on a combination of:

  • P2P platforms rating is based on our own algorithm that uses 7 different criteria. Each element earn up to 3 points;
  • Ratings of the reviews are comming soon.

What is the rating distribution?

In the rating distribution you can check all the ratings the P2P platform has received. This information is available in every P2P platform profile.

Where can I see who rated an P2P platform? (comming soon)

Can an pay for a better rating?

No, you cannot pay to obtain a better rating.

What defines the informativeness of the P2P platform informations?

Our editors evaluate your P2P platform from data that it is provided.

Users & Experts

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